In the world of software, simplicity is the key to building successful, high-quality applications. Yet, the more we desire simplicity, the more elusive it becomes.

The focus on user experience has made the digital world accessible. Software specification used to involve whether it runs on Windows, Linux, or a Mac. These days, we ask questions like what browsers will an application run in and does it support mobile platforms such as Android and iOS.

When we build the same application for several platforms, we encounter challenges that seem trivial for one platform, but become huge obstacles. These are issues such…

Wyn Enterprise now supports the ability for developers to create their own custom visualizations to use in WynDashboards. Developers can take advantage of our new visualization SDK to define the specifications of any custom visualization your enterprise requires to bring your data to life.

The series of in-house custom visualizations are built by our own team for public availability.

In a recent talk, the React team announced a new feature called React Server Components (RSC). What is that exactly, and how can we take advantage of it to write better apps?

If you are familiar with React, you know that it is a client-side library that provides developers with a set of abstractions on top of JavaScript that quickly and efficiently write the user interface to a web application. A client-side library means rendering the view in the DOM is done on the client’s browser using JavaScript. …

Blazor is a free and open-source web framework. Released by Microsoft in 2018, it enables the development of interactive and reusable web UIs using the C# programming language instead of JavaScript.

Using Blazor VSCode Extensions, you can build applications from start to finish using the C# programming language. Blazo VSCode Extensions facilitate code reusability and modularity because UI components are implemented using only C#, HTML, and CSS.

Client software using Blazor VSCode Extensions executes C# code directly in a browser using WebAssembly. This is possible because Blazor itself is a .NET application running on WebAssembly. It can also run client…

React is an open-source JavaScript library developers use to build interactive user interfaces and UI components for web and mobile-based applications. Created by Jordan Walke, a Facebook Software engineer, the first version of React came out seven years ago. Now, Facebook maintains it. Since its initial release, React’s popularity has skyrocketed.

In October 2020, React 17 was announced with — surprisingly — zero new features. However, this certainly doesn’t mean nothing exciting was added. In fact, this release comes with many promising upgrades, including several improvements and bug fixes to version 16’s experimental features: Concurrent Mode and Suspense.

Though not…

In data visualization, an area chart is an extension of a line graph. It combines the line chart and the bar chart to reveal how one or more groups’ numeric values change over a second variable.

An area chart is a great chart to visualize a volume change over a period of time. It gives a sense of summation of the quantitative data.

Data is plotted on the x- and y-axis. D values are plotted using data points that are connected using line segments. …

Blazor is still a relatively young technology, yet it has gained incredible momentum since its release in 2018. Originally an experimental project, Blazor now ships as part of .NET 5 and is considered production-ready.

Its main attraction for .NET developers is that they can use their favorite languages like C# to write single-page applications, reusing existing .NET libraries and frameworks. Like most modern web technologies, Blazor is evolving rapidly. Every few months, its developers release previews packed with new features.

If you experimented with Blazor during the early days, you might have encountered snags and limitations that no longer exist…

Fintech is modern technology to automate the delivery and implementation of financial services. While fintech was initially limited to backend applications in the financial industry, consumer fintech applications have experienced a boom in recent years. Mobile banking and other financial apps have become ubiquitous on smartphones. Today, customers want to perform financial transactions wherever they happen to be without having to visit a brick-and-mortar bank or other financial services office.

There are, however, many other use cases for fintech. For example, crowdfunding platforms such as GoFundMe are fintech applications, as are microfinance lending programs in the developing world. …

In an extensive React application, excessive or unnecessary re-renders are common. This article addresses instances of excessive re-rendering in React applications and provides several ways to avoid them. It is written for readers with a basic understanding of React fundamentals and React Hooks.

Typically, React performs well out of the box using techniques to reduce the Document Object Model (DOM) operations required to update the user interface (UI). These techniques lead to faster applications with fewer optimization processes, which improves user experience.

A React application can be built to full functionality under one component. However, a major downfall is that…

What is Embedded BI?

Embedded BI is the integration of commercially available data analytics and visualization software into an existing piece of business software. Business intelligence software platforms allow end-users to have reporting and analytics inside existing applications.

Embedded BI can turn even the simplest of internal applications or commercial websites into a powerful platform for analyzing data. Instead of rolling out a new BI platform to every end-user in the organization, BI capabilities can be woven into the organization’s existing software applications reducing end-user push-back and minimizing the learning curve.

Top 10 reasons to implement embedded analytics:

  1. Assists Businesses Working in a Remote Environment
  2. Faster Time to Insights = Better…

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