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Wyn Enterprise now supports the ability for developers to create their own custom visualizations to use in WynDashboards. Developers can take advantage of our new visualization SDK to define the specifications of any custom visualization your enterprise requires to bring your data to life.

The series of in-house custom visualizations are built by our own team for public availability.

written by Joel Parks

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Secure Your Angular App

The global influx of digital transformation is creating pressure on infrastructure. All the while, threat actors are continually improving their attack techniques. If there is a vulnerability to be found, it will be exploited. This is why many teams are shifting security to the left, even going as far as evolving their dev methodology from DevOps to DevSecOps.

There are still remaining concerns, most of which focus on release time. However, you do not have to compromise fast releases in favor of security. It doesn’t have to be a question of either/or.

In this article, you…

Authored by Mateen Firoz

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If you are looking to migrate to a .NET Core platform or replace your existing reporting software with something more modern, you are not alone. .NET Core offers many benefits (upgraded performance, cross-platform support, lower maintenance, and more) that are pushing teams to bring life back to that old, legacy application.

Implementing and learning a new system requires a substantial commitment of both money and time. If you are in the market for reporting software, ActiveReports offers an intuitive, robust reporting solution for .NET Core applications.

We’ve highlighted 5 criteria to consider when choosing .NET …

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Angular Updates: What’s New in Version 11

As of November 2020, Angular version 11.0.0 is now available. While this release brings many updates to the platform, the most significant features include faster builds with TypeScript 4.0, component test harnesses, and ESLint updates.

Paleolithic JavaScript — SproutCore

In the beginning, there was SproutCore. It was the first comprehensive JavaScript framework aimed at making it easy to build desktop-quality single-page web apps. It’s not that this wasn’t possible before. When Google released Gmail, it showed the world that web apps really could replace complex desktop applications. …

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A business intelligence dashboard (or BI dashboard), is a data visualization tool used to deliver analytics information, key performance indicators (KPIs), and data points to organizational teams to help drive the organization’s overall success through influencing decisions.

One of the best things about BI dashboarding is that it is accessible to all end-users, regardless of technical capability and knowledge. BI dashboards can be created by technical developers or by non-technical business users.

One factor in creating dashboards is the dashboard design tool being used-the simpler the tool, the more accessible it is for end-users to create meaningful and informative BI…

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What’s Ahead for Angular 12

Angular is Google’s TypeScript-based framework for building desktop and mobile web applications. It has over 68,000 stars on GitHub. Angular 11 launched on the 11th day of the 11th month of 2020.

Every year, Angular runs a developer survey with almost 30K responses to make Angular better. With the Angular community feedback, requests, and suggestions, they plan some timesaving, faster, and pretty cool improvements.

The Angular Roadmap Project’s focus is a ‘Zoneless Angular’ making Zone.js options and ultimately provides more control to the developers.

Anticipated Features and Benefits of the Next Angular Release

Better Developer Ergonomics @angular/forms

Work is in progress for implementing stricter type checking for reactive forms. This allows developers to…

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Embedded business intelligence (embedded BI) is the integration of self-service BI tools into regularly used business applications. Embedded BI provides an improved user experience with interactive data visualizations and real-time analytics and reporting. Instead of using a standalone application, embedded BI enables business intelligence directly within the applications an organization is already utilizing.

Benefits of Embedded BI

  • Improves the user experience
  • Higher user adoption than standalone analytics tools
  • Improved business performance
  • More effective data insights
  • Leads to better decision making

Embedded BI also improves insights and metric reporting as it can work with multiple datasources. …

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As Business Intelligence (BI) continues to play an integral role in the decisions of enterprises across all industries, it is important to understand BI essentials. Business intelligence is a modern, technology-driven approach to analyzing data and using it to inform critical decisions in both short-term and long-term operations. Here, we’ll investigate Business Intelligence’s most important visualization method: dashboarding.

In this article, we’ll cover what a BI dashboard is, how a BI dashboard can be used, the industries that can benefit from BI dashboards, how your organization can benefit from BI dashboards, and other things to consider when creating and consuming…

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Data visualization plays a significant role in every industry, including finance, healthcare, insurance, manufacturing, retail, and government (to name a few). With BI dashboards, you can tell a meaningful story. Dashboards graphically represent your data communicating large data sets clearly and efficiently.

Wyn Enterprise is a fully secured enterprise business intelligence software that delivers collaborative self-service reporting and analytics. With Wyn Enterprise, you can build high value, interactive, and drillable dashboards quickly and easily.

In this video, we’ll create a simple dashboard in less than five minutes.

Wyn Dashboards display information through a series of interactive tiles that contain data…

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The insurance industry is in a continual state of flux, as regulations, risks, coverages, and rates all change over time. To navigate the ever-changing world of insurance, businesses (from the large carriers down to the small agencies) must be able to make informed, data-driven decisions.

In the current information landscape, merely having data available isn’t sufficient. People are inundated (and sometimes overwhelmed) with information, and companies need to analyze that data in a meaningful way. Business intelligence software utilizes the power of big data to provide insurance companies additional insights into their data.

The Role of Business Intelligence for the Insurance Industry

Business intelligence supports all aspects of insurance…

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